Verdicts & Settlements

When you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you need an experienced lawyer on your side. We’ve helped clients win verdicts and settlements in auto accident injuries, truck accident injuries, product liability cases, premises liability cases, and caregiver negligence cases.

Products Liability

  • Woman suffered lumbar injury resulting in surgery when the elevator in which she and her cousin were riding suddenly accelerated downward and abruptly came to a stop. Likely cause was a software malfunction. $500,000.00

  • Man was killed when a grinding wheel came apart when attached to a router operating by the RPM tolerance of the wheel. A warning was placed on the hub of the wheel but covered by the hub. $275,000.00

  • Man suffered lumbar disc injury as a result of design and manufacture of a hand-truck/dolly resulted in a bolt fracturing while our client was unloading a semi trailer.$375,000.00

  • Unintended discharge of 30 year old shotgun because of a defective safety resulted in man being shot in the foot. $220,000.00

  • Fall from ladder (manufacturing defect) back injury $55,000.00

  • Operator of “cherry-picker” lift injures ankle, resulting in fusion, when the lift topples while extended with operator on board. $255,000.00

  • Man suffered closed head injury when falling from unguarded piece of equipment. $450,000.00 

Trucking Accidents

  • Driver of an oil field delivery truck was stopped on the interstate for traffic. His day rig was struck by a long-haul semi tractor-trailer. He suffered neck injury resulting in surgery. $500,000.00

  • Driver of semi tractor-trailer was asleep in his cab at a truck stop. Another semi tractor-trailer began leaving the adjacent parking place. It turned too soon dragging its trailer into the cab of our client’s semi. He was injured as he was jostled about inside the cab, suffering a non-surgical back injury. $175,000.00

  • Auto driver was traveling on a state highway when a semi tractor-trailer turned in front of her. She suffered back injury that resulted in surgery. $975,000.00

  • Driver suffered a low back injury resulting in surgery when his semi tractor-trailer struck the rear of a semi tractor trailer which was entering the interstate at a speed too slow for Interstate travel. $600,000.00

  • Pickup driver injured when his truck was struck in the rear by a semi tractor-trailer while trying to exit the highway, suffering non-surgical injuries to three lumbar discs. $600,000.00

  • New graduate from truck driving school, driving with trainer, who had been driving for less than a week, was rear-ended by another semi tractor-trailer, resulting in lumbar surgery. $425,000.00

  • Retired woman suffered knee injuries when a semi tractor-trailer struck a passenger car, pushing it into her path. It is expected that she will need for knee replacement surgery. It was discovered that there were irregularities in the drug tests of the operator of the semi tractor-trailer. $750,000.00

  • Man suffered lumbar and cervical injuries requiring surgery when his Firebird was rear-ended by a semi tractor-trailer at a roadway construction site. $950,000.00

  • Young child was killed when a semi tractor-trailer operator drove off the road while trying to turn onto an on-ramp to enter an interstate highway. Rather than get stuck in the snow, the semi continued to drive across the snow covered grass to the interstate, hitting a family car. (Policy limits plus contribution) $1,075,000.00

  • Woman suffered a severe broken leg when a semi tractor-trailer lost a set of trailer wheels while traveling along an interstate. $3,100,000.00

  • Woman injured when a farmer pulled his trailer in front of her as he entered the highway from a private drive, requiring a total knee replacement. $275,000.00

  • Driver of a delivery truck killed while trying to pass a pickup hauling a tractor when the pickup turned left in front of him. $275,000.00

Auto Accidents

  • Man suffered elbow injuries when his pick-up slid off the road because of ice on the roadway. The ice resulted from water spillage from dump trucks hauling river-bed rock. $425,000.00

  • Highway workers were killed when a wheel came off of a trailer being pulled by a pick-up. $900,000.00

  • Auto/pedestrian accident occurring in a parking lot. Young man was struck by a speeding car, resulting in facial injuries requiring surgery and dental care. The accident was witnessed by his mother. The injury (boy) and bystander (mother) both settled. $275,000.00

  • Rear-end collision resulting in cervical disc surgery. Jury trial $216,000.00

Premises Liability

  • Man was attacked by a neighbor’s dog resulting in finger injury. $50,000.00

  • Security Guard falls down stairs after tripping over item left on the top of a stairway, resulting in back injury and closed head injury. $400,000.00

  • Woman falls when exiting an elevator into flooded hallway suffering broken hip.$225,000.00

  • Oilfield worker injured when falling through an improperly covered “mouse hole” on a derrick., suffering a shoulder injury requiring surgery. $125,000.00

  • Electrician injured when an unsecured door was blown by wind striking him in the head causing concussion. $225,000.00

  • Mandatory shoe cover causes man to fall from a ladder leading to surgical hip injury.$160,000.00

  • Man suffered internal injuries when he slipped on hidden substance at hospital. $275,000.00

  • Man injured when struck in the knee by pipes falling from a structure on a commercial premises. $400,000.00

Civil Action – Breach of Contract – Expert Witness

Unusual case, in which attorneys and their clients sued a forensic hydro-geologist for failing to perform his duties as expert witness in a workmanlike manner. Jury verdict. $408,748.68

Civil Action – Breach of Contract – Insurance Bad-Faith

After its insured was at fault in an accident, automobile liability insurance company failed to settle the claim made against its insured, resulting in a verdict against the insured in excess of the policy. The insured then sued the insurance company for failing to protect him by settling the case for the policy limits. $300,000.00